Side Yard of HGTV Dream Home 2013

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HGTV once again brings you another dream home! In this post I shall be reviewing the Side Yard of their Dream Home 2013, which I find is a perfect area to gather family and friends, either for an outdoor dining experience, just chilling, or both. The principal congregation area can be reached from the home’s driveway and comprises an array of porous concrete which leads to an under-deck patio that can accommodate a number of guests and visitors. The patio is mainly composed of beautiful woods for the structure’s base, while in the available space you will find a glass-topped central dining table surrounded by 5 wicker chairs that are piled with cushions for comfort. Up above the dining table dangles some beautiful delicate birdcage-shaped glass chandeliers that incorporate genuine candles for a natural glow and a harmonious dining experience.

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To the side of the dining area lie two wicker tanning chairs, again with cushions, which you can use to lie down and unwind, enjoying the view of the beautiful green yard in front of you. What’s more, there is a wooden door leading to a shower- a simple, yet very effective, design in matching the wood of the outdoor patio, plus providing functionality and practicality. The colors of the paint chosen for the wood and furniture certainly are calming and soothing to the visual sense. You can see the wonderful harmonious contrasts between the shades of brown in the woods and light greens of the cushions, all of course highlighted and accentuated by the surrounding serene yard to summarize, the side yard of the HGTV Dream Home 2013 is an example of an area for both socializing and relaxation. It also gives you a lively outdoor experience unlike any other thanks to its furniture juxtaposition, landscaping and graceful ambiance! Be sure to check it out for inspiration and ideas.

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