Short Bridal Hairstyles 2013

Short Bridal Hairstyles 2013

Would my short hair give me the same glamorous, elegant and sexy wedding look as any other long or medium haired bride? Would it properly fit my wedding gown? Isn’t it too simple? All of these questions besides other ones are asked by you and the rest of the short haired brides before the wedding day, right? Definitely! Ladies, what are you waiting for? Do you expect that we’re going to answer all the hundreds of questions that may come across your minds right now? Of course, we’re not going to do such a thing at all! I mean that it’d be our pleasure to do so, but you know that this might take days! What we’re going to do is present a collection of trendy short bridal hairstyles for 2013 that you can opt for. Smart, aren’t we?!

Dare to wear a buzz haircut on your wedding day?! Brides, why are you shocked? Buzz haircuts are so, so trendy among women this year. Besides that, they have a true sexy and eye catching look, and let’s not forget that they are among the most effortless short hairstyles that any woman can wear. Actually, what would prevent you from wearing them? I do hear some of you saying, “Nothing other than that I’d walk down the aisle wearing almost no hair!” So what? Put a veil or any other nice bridal hair accessory on it and catch all eyes with your untraditional look!

If you don’t want to wear these buzz cuts, you can opt for a pixie cut. Let me tell you that pixies now come in much sexier, stunning and glamorous styles than the previous years. Or maybe I feel so because I love them or something! Also, you can still pull off any style of layered hairstyle and sport it on your wedding party. I guess that there’s no need to say how versatile, sultry and eye catching these cuts are, right? Okay! Can we ever talk about short hair without mentioning the bob cuts?! Of course not! And yes, ladies, this means that you can sport any style of bob haircut such as blunt, layered, razored, and asymmetrical ones or others on your wedding party.

Beautiful brides, you must keep in your minds four important things. The first thing is that whatever the short bridal hairdo that you’re going to wear is, you can style it in various ways such as straight, curly, wavy, and messy hairstyles or even a quiff! The second one is that you can wear any wedding hair accessory such as a veil, a fascinator, a clip, a pin or others. I guess that there was no need to say that, but I said it!! The third thing is that you should pick the ‘do that suits your wedding gown, hair type and facial shape, as well. The fourth and last thing is to forget about any doubts, walk down the aisle, say ‘I do’ and enjoy catching all eyes. We wish you an amazing wedding day, our dear women!!






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