Shania Twain New Hair Color 2013

Shania Twain New Hair Color 2013 1

Shania-Twain-New-Hair-Color- 2013_1

Ohhh! This new hair color makes you look heartbreakingly beautiful and sexy!! Really, you’ve rocked the blue carpet! What blue carpet?!! Whom are you talking to?!! Hmm… My dear readers, I’m talking to the gorgeous Canadian country pop singer Shania Twain. Yesss, she has ditched her famous brunette locks and …. Yeah, finally she’s done it!! Now, would you please allow me to continue my sentence? Okay, thank you very much.

What was I saying? Hmm.. I remembered: She’s ditched her brunette locks and dyed them red. Red?!! Aha, beauties, Shania has done like Carly Rae Jepsen, Megan Fox, Rachel McAdams and the others, and gone to the fiery side. The songwriter has revealed her new hair on the blue carpet of the 2013 Billboard Music Awards.

Why?? Do you mean why has she dyed her hair red?! Yes! Actually, I don’t know what made Twain opt for that vibrant hue, but what I definitely know is that I love it. Yup, I do! What about you, Stylishevers?! Do you love it or not? Tell us in the comments!

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