14 Shameful Dogs Who Have Been Caught Misbehaving

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If you have a dog then chances are you will be able to easily relate to this topic. We saw this list of ‘misdemeanors’ posted by KICX 91.7 and we knew we had to share them with you as the notices that come with each dog to explain what they have done are written in the dogs’ own ‘voice’. It seems that when it comes to dog lovers, they are very forgiving people who have a great sense of humor too. It probably has something to do with the unconditional love a dog gives you and it is impossible to stay angry with them for long, especially when five minutes after they have been told off, they have forgotten all about the incident in question and just want to play with you again as though nothing had ever happened!


Younger dogs are usually the worst culprits, though here in the selection of 14 ‘mugshots’ we have for you, more than a fair share of dogs should have known better as they ought to have had the wisdom of years on their side. The list of misdemeanors is also a curious one, with ‘victims’ ranging from a pair of false teeth to a shower curtain and escaping under the garden fence to paying an unwelcome visit to people in the shower. There have been a few fatalities in the form of toy characters and one very hungover dog who will likely never eat a chocolate liqueur sweet again, but how do you extricate yourself from a situation where your dog jumps into a stranger’s car and eats their hamburger? Now that sort of incident takes a lot of beating, but only metaphorically speaking. Not one of these dogs gives you the impression they will ever perpetrate another ‘crime’ again as long as they live, except for the one who is prone to paying you a visit when you are in the shower!













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