Shailene Woodley New Hair Color 2013

Shailene Woodley New Hair Color 2013

Guess what?! Mary Jane Watson is back!! Which means?!! Precious readers, just read the sentence again and you are going to know, or at least guess, what I’m about to say. Yup, the scenes of the “Amazing Spider-Man 2” movie are being shot while we’re talking right now, but this isn’t the thing that I came to discuss with you today. This makes me ask you to read the sentence yet again… Okay, okay, my dear ladies, let me get to the point. The stunning actress Shailene Woodley has ditched her brunette hair tresses for red ones!

What? What is the relation between the “The Descendants” actress and the “Amazing Spider-man 2” movie? Pretties, haven’t you known that Woodley plays the character of the redhead Mary J. Watson in the movie?! Aha, she does! And yes, that’s why she’s opted for a new hair color. Although I’m a big fan of Shailene’s brown locks, I can’t deny that her recently debuted red ones make her look amazing and so hot. Also, I can’t deny that this is one of the most drastic – if not biggest – hair makeovers done in 2013, don’t you agree with me?!


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