Sexy Hairstyles for Curvy Women

When it comes to curvy women, it is really important to keep the shape of your face in mind when choosing a hairstyle. A bad cut can be much worse for a curvy woman than for slender women, since it could point out all your flaws instead of enhancing your look. Given your curvier body shape, it’s safe to assume your face will also be a bit rounder. In that case, it wouldn’t be wise to choose a very sharp, short cut such as a bob. The stark contrast between your edgy haircut and your round face will only emphasize its roundness even more. Moreover, bob haircuts are great to emphasize cheekbones or a tall, elegant neck. On a curvier woman, this hairstyle could instead point that your cheekbones are not very outspoken or that your neck is short. A fringe is generally not a good idea either; again it will make your face rounder than it actually is. A very short cut will make your body appear larger than it is and could also create a football effect for your head; all people will see is a very round face instead of for example your lovely eyes.

So what is the right length and style for people with a rounder face? Definitely a longer haircut – anything below shoulder length – is the way to go; it will help elongate the face. Choose a wavy styling; this won’t create any sharp contrasts with the shape of your face so it is simply the best choice. Get a layered haircut so the hair stays light and bouncy. When you are using a curling iron, make sure to go for big waves since actual curls are round and might reflect the round shape of your face again, further emphasizing it. When choosing a color, your choices are limited. You could go for basics like brown, blonde or black but a long, layered hairstyle can also look good in more outspoken shades. You could try something reddish or perhaps even the very popular ombré look? When choosing the ombré, make sure to have your locks dyed professionally since it is not an easy look to achieve.

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