Sexy Cocktail Dresses

Juicy & sexy dresses for semi formal occasions that will show your sexy legs & will give you the killer look you’d love to have while walking into a party or a restaurant on a hot date, & the cocktail dresses will give you that zest & the excuse to show off what you have from sexy curves & sexy legs.

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The cocktail dresses collection shows you different designs & styles, the tops for example vary in designs as some of them are one shoulder, with long sleeves paired with a mini cocktail dress or a backless back to give it the extra glamour, while other cocktail dresses are strapless or in sweetheart tops style, while others are sleeveless or have a halter top with beaded straps.

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The cocktail dresses come in many colors like vibrant red, blue, pink, purple, silver, turquoise, black or in any different shade from these colors, you’ll also find some of the cocktail dresses come in prints like animal prints, floral prints or any different kind of patterns, that are embellished with other contrasting colors or sequin that makes the dress sparkle, some of them are also embellished with different types of embroidery that are sewed into the fabrics, & others are embellished by rushes & accented ruffles that hangs from the dress to give you a sexy walk.

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Plus size cocktail dresses are also as chic & glamorous as they come in the exact same designs but only with different sizes, & their tight bodice give you the chance to show your curves in a slimming way while having the colors & prints that will show glamour sexy way.

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Some of the cocktail dresses are fitted with a tight body hugging design whether they are knee high or shorter, & other designs come with a puffy skirt that are lined with tulle fabric, while some dresses are just a bit looser from the bottom with a tight bodice. The cocktail dresses can be made from satin, lace, chiffon or any fabric that suits such a semi formal dress.

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