Seraphina Affleck New Haircut 2013

Seraphina Affleck New Haircut 2013 1

Precious readers! Guess which member of Mr. Affleck’s Family has recently got a new hair makeover?! What?! Ben Affleck himself or his wife Jennifer Garner!! Nope, totally wrong answers! Neither of them has opted for this makeover, the one who has done so is their 4-year-old daughter Seraphina. Yes, ladies! The adorable girl has traded her long hair locks for bobbed ones which made her look more stylish and cuter. Actually, I love this bob cut so, so – and let’s say another sooo… much. Let me be honest with you and say that I consider it among the best haircuts of 2013. Okay.. Wait, am I exaggerating or something? Maybe, a little bit…. Anyway, I forgot to tell you that this little celebrity showed off her hairstyle a few days ago while strolling with her dad in Brentwood, California. Now, tell us my dear readers: What do you think of Sera’s bob cut? Do you love it or love it?! Exactly, you don’t have another option but loving it!!

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