Selena Gomez New Hair Color 2012

Definitely, I need a break! Why so? As when I was just about to start getting used to the new hair makeovers done by many famous female stars such as; Heidi Klum, Rihanna, and others, I found out that there’s another one added to the list! Yup, ladies, there is! “Who’s she?” And “which makeover did she opt for?” are the questions that I’m going to answer just after the next full stop. Here it comes! The star whom we’re talking about today is Selena Gomez. Okay, what did she do to her long hair? Did she cut it? No, she didn’t, at all! I think that after reading the last sentence, many of you can predict what I’m about to say right now. Anyways, my dear readers, I have to tell you that Gomez has opted for dying instead of cutting! Starting from now, you can say goodbyes to her brunette hair locks and welcome her new black ones. Yeah, she’s back to black! I can tell that most of you’re going to ask me the usual questions which are “when did she do such a thing?” and “how did you know?” Concerning the first question, you need to know that she colored her hair a few days ago. On the other hand, concerning the second one, we knew that just by tracking our beloved star!

But let me remind you with another question which is; “Is that temporary or not?” Honestly, I don’t know, and I guess that none of us can estimate that! Hence, the best solution in front of us is to wait and see what Selena will do to her hair during the left few months of 2012. You are all aware that the available options in front of our beloved star are; making a U-turn to the brunette hair, keeping it black, or dying it with another different color. Maybe, we’re going to see a new cut as well, who knows?! Is there anything left for me to say? Actually, there is! I want to remind you that we’re waiting for your opinions, our dear fans. Yes, we want you to tell us: Which hair color do you like more, brunette or black?! Now, I can say my famous two sentences; goodbyes and wish you a stunning, and glamorous look like the stars or more!

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