Selena Gomez Hairstyles

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The wizard from the Waverly place charmed us with her cute & lady like hairstyles, that she shifted from as she managed to keep her femininity innocent yet looking sexy, which suited her age & made her more popular as she didn’t try to over grow herself, this is why girls have Selena as their role model. She keeps her vivid with subtle yet funky highlights with using one shade lighter or two shades lighter & sometimes she spices things up with three shades lighter highlights, but whether her hair is highlighted or not, you’ll always see Selena in dark brown or chocolate hair color that’s perfect for enhancing her features & skin tone. Her hair length as she started was long shoulder length hair then she cut her hair into a bob that she styled in some occasions in a retro hairstyle with bangs, then she let her hair grow long but one thing you’ll notice about Selena that she kept her hair at all times cut gradually to have layers that give her volume. She had her hair Tousled, up in a ponytail, up in a knot or in a half up-do while her hair flew down her back while it’s parted from the middle, from one side, brushed & pulled back or teased & pulled back with puffed bangs. She wears her hair in different yet signature styles as she keeps her hair straight or with loose curls or waves that give her volume & movement.

selena gomez 01

selena gomez 02

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selena gomez 10

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selena gomez 19

selena gomez 20

selena gomez 21

selena gomez 22

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