See Paris Like You Never Have Before From a Camera on an Eagle’s Back!

See Paris Like you Never Have Before


Sightseeing takes on a whole new meaning when you follow the flight of this white-tailed eagle as it flies across Paris. This is a remarkable event on a number of levels, not least the quality of the images coming from the camera itself. However we are not in the habit of promoting specific technology so we will let you draw your own conclusions from the details with the video posted by FREEDOM. If you have been to Paris, the capital of France, then there is every chance you will have been up the Eiffel tower, the city’s major landmark and tourist attraction. What you won’t have done though is what this eagle did once up at the top, and that is launching yourself into the air. We should warn any of you with headphones to turn the sound down a little as the noise of the windrush is quite loud. It is perhaps understandable though as the eagle travels at speeds of up to 180kmph during its flight.

What we also found remarkable throughout the whole flight is how still the eagle’s body actually was. Unlike we humans, when the bird wants to have a good look round, its head moves but its body stays perfectly still. If anything, it looks a little unsettling as natural instincts make us feel more comfortable when the bird is looking straight ahead rather than around at the scenery. It is the same when in a car with someone who keeps looking at the sights rather than just the road ahead. It is quite breathtaking to watch the city pass underneath the bird as it seems to be aimlessly flying around, and one would expect it to turn round and head back to its handler at any time. But that isn’t what happens and instead comes the most remarkable part of the film. We have no idea how a bird can spot another handler in a crowd from so far away, but it seems the eagle wasn’t just casually looking around at the scenery during its flight. It was looking for someone. In the blink of an eye the bird readjusts its trajectory and swoops down towards an open space. There a crowd has gathered and the eagle promptly lands gently on a second handler’s arm, to the much-deserved applause of a watchful crowd who must have been witnessing the flight from the time it first set off from the Eiffel tower.

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