Savannah Guthrie is Now a Redhead

Savannah Guthrie Is Now a Redhead 1


Another Drastic Hair Makeover Alert: Savannah Guthrie is now a Redhead! Huh? Savannah is what? Stylisheves, believe it! The 41-year-old anchor has traded the signature honey-toned, brown color of her shoulder-length locks for a rich red hue. How dramatic! On August 15, Guthrie showed off her new hair color on her Twitter account first; later the same day, she showed it on the Today show, where she explained it to both her co-workers and viewers. “I went red,” she announced, continuing, “It’s my natural color—not!”


Now why would have Savannah has gone for such a dramatic dye job? Can you guess? All right! I’ll stop playing games with you, Precious Reader, and answer the question myself. One American journalist said that she did it just for fun. Regardless of the reason, don’t you love it? I, myself, really do. And so does Miss Savannah. How can I tell? Duh! Just look at her ear-to-ear smile! Anyway, let me ask you an important question now. Do you think that she’s going to do as Beyoncé, Rihanna, and other celebs have done and demonstrate the 2013 motto, “One hair transformation doesn’t count”? Tell us in the comments below!

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