Samuel Larsen New Haircut 2013

Samuel Larsen New Haircut 2013 1

Samuel-Larsen- New-Haircut-2013_ 1

Woo hoo!! Samuel Larsen has finally done it, my precious readers! Aha, he’s done it, can you believe it?! What has he done?!! Okay, it seems that some of you couldn’t figure out what the first sentence means. So, let’s say it in a much clearer way! Ladies and Gents, the “Glee” star has finally chopped off his long hair. Yup, Larsen has ditched his signature long dreadlocks! For what?! Hmm.. Keep reading to know the answer!

Samuel has opted for a short heavy top haircut which looks more than rocking, stylish and sexy. Oh yes, you’re totally right, I am in love with this new do! And I can tell that the 21-year-old actor is in love with it, too. How did I know that?! Well.. Firstly, he didn’t stop fussing with his short locks while attending the Ciroc Summer Birthday Bash which was held in Los Angeles, on May 25. By the way, you need to know that this occasion was where he showed off her new hairstyle. Secondly, the day before he also tweeted, “Just for the record my neck feels freakin awesome okay. Seriously. #holla”.

Dear readers, aren’t these positive signs that he loves his new hair?! So far, you’ve known that Larsen and I are in love with his newly debuted tresses, but what about you, Stylishevers?! Your opinions are much more important! So, tell us in the comments: Do you love or loathe the singer’s do?! And Do you think that it’s going to be of the best haircuts of 2013 or not?!!

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