A Round Acrylic Bathtub by Porcelanosa

Acrylic Bathtub

Soleil, the latest bathtub designed by Porcelanosa is very distinguishable; it is a mix between the luxury and modern style in a creative way. The bathtub is made of acrylic and has a beautiful round shape with a stylish graphite skirting in a circular steel trim. This pretty bathtub is available in two choices of colors; pure white or maple wood acrylic. You can choose between two options; built-in or freestanding bath, it’s up to your taste and your bathroom’s furnishing style. As for its capacity, this tub is very distinguished with its integrated hydromassage system, its overflow preventing system, and its filler drain system. With a diameter of 170 cm, it is quite large and comfortable. Porcelanosa presented this bathtub with an original round shower built in the ceiling over the tub, which gives a unique touch and makes you have an irresistible desire to relax inside of it. By owning this bathtub you can enjoy a cozy relaxing bath in a comfortable atmosphere, enjoy the pleasant hydromassage and keep at the same time the modern decorating style in your bathroom with a touch of luxury.

round acrylic bathtub 1round acrylic bathtub 2

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