Rosario Dawson Sports A Half Shaved Hairstyle!!


Edgy, but Fabulous! This is a simple and brief description of the new hairstyle debuted recently by Rosario Dawson. What does it describe? Hmm… It’s a… You know, it’s a…a…a…I guess you could call it a Half Shaved Do. Believe it, Precious Reader, the gorgeous actress has taken the plunge and updated her 2013 look book with a rocking Skrillex-inspired haircut. Yes, you can say that she’s followed the leads of P!nk and Amanda Bynes.


The 37-year-old star showed off her new long undercut hairstyle on the red carpet at Samsung’s Annual Hope for Children Gala in New York City on June 11. According to GossipOnThis, Rosario went for the edgy do for two reasons: The first reason was her role in the movie Sin City: A Dame to Kill For. The second reason was simply that it was summer and she wanted to rock a new look! Now, tell us, Stylisheves: What do you think of Dawson’s new hair? Does it deserve a Yay or Nay? Sound off in the comments!

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