Rooney Mara Hairstyles 2012

Rooney Mara Hairstyles 2012

Hello, dears, how are you? Today’s topic is going to be all about presenting a lookbook of the hairstyles worn by one of the most talented and beautiful American actresses during 2012. I think that some of you’re trying to guess who this actress is, right?! Ladies, why do you waste your time guessing while you can easily know her just by reading the topic’s title?! Aha, today’s star is definitely the gorgeous Rooney Mara.

I can sense that you expect that we’re going to reveal the contents of our lookbook now, don’t you? I don’t want to disappoint you, but let me tell you that we have an important thing to say before doing so. Do you remember the jet black medium hair that Rooney wore for the “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” movie back in 2011?! Yes? I have to tell you that she stayed wearing the same hair locks, or maybe a little bit longer ones, for the first few months of 2012, then she ditched them for long ombre ones! Let me tell you that she’s turned so fast from medium to long hair by using hair extensions. Another thing you should know is that this new long ombre hair is for her role in the new movie “The Bitter Pill”. That was the thing!

Now, let’s open our lookbook and see what it contains! Low and mid height sleek ponytails have been among the most worn hairstyles by the “Dream Boy” star during the year. Let me tell you that Mara has looked so chic, glamorous and sexy while wearing them. By the way, there’s another thing you should know about these ponytails besides their look, which is that all of them have been medium ‘dos, not long ones at all! Anyways, the next hairstyles that the star has opted for in 2012 are the buns. You need to know that most of them, or specifically all of them except one, have been loose and casual in an elegant way. What about the bun left?! This one has had that neat and tidy look. Two opposite looks with the same glamour and elegance!

The next hairstyles that you can see in today’s lookbook are straight, messy and soft wavy down dos. Our precious readers, I’ve told you that the star’s hair has been seen in the medium and long lengths in 2012, right?! Okay, would you please add the word ‘short’ to them? Why so?! Honestly, I forgot to tell you that the actress has been seen wearing a short blunt bob cut once, specifically during the photo shoot of the W magazine. Okay, I guess that this is the right moment to tell you goodbyes and wish you a gorgeous, stunning and sexy look during your whole life.





















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