Rita Ora New Yellow Hair Color for 2013

Rita Ora New Yellow Hair Color for 2013 1

Rita-Ora-New- Yellow-Hair-Color-for-2013_1

Well…. Can anybody tell me what’s going on with Rita Ora these days?! What has she done?! Simply she’s dyed her hair for the second time since 2013 started! Yes, my precious readers! She has ditched the blue hue which she debuted earlier this week, and gone for a brand-new one. What is it?! Hmm.. If you really want to know the answer of this question, read the topic’s title.

What?!! Ora is wearing yellow tresses these days?!! Aha, ladies, sort of! Sort of??! Okay, okay, I’m going to be clearer and tell you how the singer’s hair looks like. It is long, blonde with canary yellow tips. Briefly, it is.. it is…. Dip dyed?! Yes, precious readers, this is exactly the word that I was looking for! So, thanks for this great help! Rita’s showed off her new dip-dyed locks while going out to dinner with her new boyfriend, DJ and music producer, Calvin Harris, on May 24.

The biggest question to be asked right now is: What is the next hair color that Rita is going to debut in the upcoming days?!! Purple, pink, green or maybe red?! Stylishevers, tell us your predictions in the comments!

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