Rita Ora New Haircut 2013

Rita Ora New Haircut 2013 3

Welcome to the “2013’s Bob Haircuts” club, dear Rita!! What? Rita who? Do I mean Rita Ora, Rita Wilson or Rita Moreno?! Okay, let’s study these options together. The second star, Wilson still sports a long hair while the third one, Moreno still wears a wispy pixie cut. Which means? Oh! What an absurd question, dear readers! Of course this means that the one who has opted for a bob haircut is Ora!

Hmm… Ladies, who gave that clamorous scream and why?! I mean did you scream because you feel happy, shocked, or maybe both?! Okay, no need to answer this question as I’m pretty sure that there are some of you who are definitely happy to see Rita ditch her long blonde hair locks and make a U-turn to medium length bobbed ones, while there are others who feel totally the opposite! Whether you belong to the first or the second party, can you deny that the singer looks fabulous and sexy in either case?! Certainly not!

I guess that we are done. Don’t you agree with me? No! Okay, you are right! There are still a couple of important things that I have to mention about this makeover. The first thing is that the British singer has showed off her new bob cut on her Twitter account. Yes beauties, as usual! And the second one is that she has done that since a few days ago. I think that now is the right time to ask you the famous question: What do you think of Rita’s newly debuted haircut? Is it hot or not?!!

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