Rita Ora New Blue Hair Color for 2013

Rita Ora New Blue Hair Color for 2013


Stylishevers! Have you ever thought that Rita Ora would ditch her stunning, signature blonde hair for any reason?!! Definitely not?! Then think again! Ohh!! Has she really done it?! Yes, yes, yes, the stylish British singer Rita Ora has definitely ditched her blond locks. For what?! For blue ones!!! What a drastic makeover, isn’t it?! Of course it is! Actually, I think that the word ‘drastic’ isn’t enough to describe it, right?! Yeah! We can say dramatic, shocking, mind-blowing,,,, Okay. Let’s forget about this nonsense discussion (which I started) and mention the latest details of this makeover.


Rita showed off her new ocean blue hair color on both of her Twitter and Instagram accounts, on May 21, posting more than one picture of it with the comment #bluehairday. Do you think that she’s going to wear this bright hue till the end of 2013??! I, myself, think that she’s going to ditch it so soon. Well, okay, I admit it! I just wish Ora would do so, as I already miss her gorgeous, elegant, sexy blonde locks.


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