Rihanna New Haircut 2012

Girls and ladies, Riri has debuted a new haircut! I guess that so many questions are about to be asked, and of course, some of the most dominating questions that you’re going to ask are; ‘Where has she sported it?’ and ‘when?’. Rihanna has revealed her new haircut while attending the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards ceremony which was held few days ago. What else do you want to know?! What a question! For sure, you want to know what sort of haircuts our beloved singer has opted for, don’t you?! Actually, I won’t answer that question, at least right now. Instead, I’m going to let you think and try to answer it by yourselves and by the way, you have about two minutes to answer!!

Okay, okay, don’t complain! I’m going to tell you which short hairstyle our beloved star has recently debuted. Yup, ladies, Rihanna has made a U-turn to the short hair! I’m pretty sure that there’re many of you who are so, so happy to hear such a thing. But on the other side, there would be also many who miss her stunning long black locks. If you asked me, I’d tell you that I adore her new hair as it makes her looking much more sexy and spectacular. Anyways, don’t you realize that we’ve forgotten to mention which short haircut the talented singer wears nowadays? Ladies, accept my apologies! Rihanna is currently wearing a cropped cut which is, like I said, very hot and eye catching.

That’s just it, ladies, we’re done! But before telling you goodbyes and wishing you a great, stunning look, let’s ask you a favor and tell you a piece of advice. Okay? Allow me to start with the piece of advice which is to remind you that you can opt for sporting Riri’s new cut only if it suits your face shape and personality. I mean, don’t copy it without thinking as doing so may ruin your fashionable look. Concerning the favor, all we need from you, our dear readers, is to tell us whether you like that cut or not and nothing more. Now, I can tell you goodbyes and see you in another time!

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