Rihanna New Hair 2013

Rihanna New Hair 2013

This or that, which one are you going to wear during the rest of 2013, dear RiRi?! Or maybe, you’re going to show off a newer one in the upcoming days, who knows?! I’m sure that so many of you don’t understand any word I said till now, right?! I knew it! Okay, do you remember the edgy and rocking long ombre half shaven hairstyle worn by Rihanna at the start of this year? Yeah? Then forget it! Why?! Ladies, I don’t want to shock you, but I have to say it… Ready? Okay, our beloved singer has ditched it for a short red pixie cut. Aha, our precious readers, a new hair color and cut! Or should we say two shocking hair makeovers approximately in the same month?!

Now, let me tell you the most important detail behind this drastic makeover, which is how Ri’s hair looks like. Do you remember both the short pixie haircut she debuted at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards and the red hue she opted for in 2011?! Yes? If so, then mix them together in your head and you’re going to figure out how the star’s locks look like… What a hot mixture, isn’t it?! Of course, it is! Anyways, you have to know that RiRi has revealed her new hair on Instagram, and she said that it’s for the photo shoot of an upcoming top secret campaign. This makes us ask: What would this campaign be?!! I guess that this is the perfect time to say goodbyes, our precious readers. What? Wouldn’t I ask you how you feel about this new do? Let’s be honest and admit that we fall in love with anything Rihanna does regardless of how much edgy and shocking it is…



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