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Rihanna is one of the most glamorous and fashionable pop stars in America.. Since her appearance back in 2004, Rihanna has made a great contribution in the fashion and beauty world.. Rihanna’s sense of fashion and creativity hasn’t stopped at what she wears only, but has also been extended to include her hairstyles… Rihanna’s hairstyles are considered to be trends of their own.. They are so trendy, casual, wild, gorgeous and stunning hairstyles. Rihanna’s hairstyles have caught many women’s eyes. Many women have started to follow Rihanna and emulate her hairstyles, sometimes without any thinking!!!… Rihanna’s hair has very various cuts, colors and styles.. Rihanna has cut her hair in various and different ways.. You can say that her hair has passed over all the haircuts that you can imagine and also those that you can’t imagine.. Rihanna’s hair has been long, medium, short and also very short.. Can you imagine that for each haircut, Rihanna has worn many various styles??!!!.. Also, she’s colored her hair into different colors.. Some days, Rihanna’s hair has been black or blonde while in other days, it has became brown or red!!… None can predict the haircut nor the hair color that would be worn by Rihanna in the upcoming days, as it’d be so difficult even to try doing so. Okay, I’ve said she has worn different colors, different cuts…etc. But I haven’t said a word about those hairstyles, What are those hairstyles???!!!… Okay, let me start telling you some of those hairstyles, really I’ll say the ones that I can remember, just forgive me , you know there are a lot of Rihanna’s hairstyles.. I’ll mention some hairstyles for each haircut,, okay??!!… For both the long and medium haircuts, Rihanna has worn the straight hairstyles, the curly hairstyles, the wavy hairstyles, the sleek and smooth hairstyles, the Up-Do hairstyles, the ponytails hairstyles and the braids hairstyles…. Okay, let’s count together , I’ve mentioned the hairstyles for the long and the medium,, what are the missing??!!,,, aha got it!!.. The last Rihanna’s hairstyles to talk about are those short and very short hairstyles, none can mention Rihanna’s hairstyles without talking about those hairstyles, really that can’t happen!!!… Rihanna has worn many and different hairstyles for both the short and very short haircuts.. She has caused those types of haircuts to be very trendy and popular.. Despite of the simplicity of the short haircuts, Rihanna has made very various hairstyles for that haircut and she hasn’t stopped at the last hairstyles produced for that type of haircuts.. Okay, let’s make a sneaky look on some of those short hairstyles.. One of the most popular Rihanna’s short hairstyles are the Pixie-cut hairstyles.. Rihanna has changed the default definition of the boyish look of the Pixie-cut hairstyles.. She has added bangs with different lengths and also dyed her pixie-cut short hair in various colors.. One of the shocking short hairstyles that has been worn recently by Rihanna are the shaved head hairstyles.. Even that totally boyish hairstyle, Rihanna has worn in a very feminine and glamorous look, to do so all she has done is adding the long bangs cut in choppy way… Rihanna has also worn the bob hairstyles, she has worn all the different styles of those bob haircuts.. She has worn the asymmetrical bob hairstyle, the blunt bob hairstyle and also the inverted bob hairstyle.. That was the last Rihanna’s hairstyle to talk about, but I’ve not finished yet!!.. With all of those short hairstyles, Rihanna has worn diverse hair colors and she hasn’t been enough with certain color.. I think Rihanna would never be enough when it comes to anything related to her hair… She’s always changing her haircuts, styles and colors.. Also, it seems that she can’t wear any hairstyles without adding her creative and stylish touches on them.. Because of that, day by day, the number of women who are tracking Rihanna and her hairstyles are increasing in strange way!!.. Not only the regular women, but the hairstylists too!!!…. You can say that they aren’t fans of Rihanna only, but fans of Rihanna’s hair!!.. So, if you’re one of those Rihanna’s hair and just want to have a copy of that hair, my advice to you is not to copy & paste it without thinking as it may look in very stunning way on her but not on you…. I can see that you’re asking “so, what shall I do??”, I’ll tell you.. Before copying any hairstyles whether those ones of Rihanna or any other hairstyles, you need to choose them based on face shape, hair texture and also your personality.. Don’t ever wear a hairstyle without doing so!!.. At the end, I can’t say except keep tracking Rihanna as she’ll keep wowing us with her hair and anything related to it!!!….

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