Rhapsody Children’s Playhouse Including Beds

If you want your kids to really love their bedrooms, you must create for them an attractive environment, a joyful childish atmosphere where they don’t just sleep but play and have a lot of fun. This amazing collection from CedarWorks includes many awesome Rhapsody children’s beds that are able to offer your kids all what they would ever wish for in a funny dream world of their imagination. Actually, we can’t describe units presented in this collection as “beds” because they contain much more than that; it is rather a cool play house including bunk bed, attached slide and many fun toys. It is very beautifully decorated by artistic wood work in cute themes for animals, fishes, birds, flowers…etc., it is very suitable for both boys & girls and its lovely wood color can easily match with any room decoration or designing. This playhouse bed is not just amazingly cool & attractive but also practical & functional; it doesn’t occupy a lot of space so it can fit in any small room, it is equipped by drawers & useful places for storage, and the bottom bed can be used as a cool place for seating or hiding in case only one kid is using it. Imagine how much will your kids enjoy their time with friends playing & laughing with this stunning furniture that is going to enrich their imagination through interesting games & toys combined with it.

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