Retro Updo Hairstyles for Women

Old is gold, a saying that we’ve heard a lot of times & it kept on proving how right it is, in the modern hairstyles, you’ll find that all the black & white decades are back with their glamour in every aspect of fashion. So the hairstyles world took a trip back to the 40s, 50s, 60s & 70s & came back with a spark in it. The updo hairstyles can give a woman an undescribed elegance & beauty while enhancing her most sexual assets in a classy way by revealing her neck & chest in a subtle way & putting more focus on her facial features leaving her with a luxury bright feminine look by the simplest ways whether u curly, wavy or straight hair. Spend the evening having a romantic dinner with the perfect hair do that will make your partner fall more in love with you by the minute, it’s an easy hairstyle that you can do yourself without the need of visiting your hairstylist & spending tons of money for something you can pull off at home with your short/medium/long hair. Create a simple easy updo by pulling all but the front section “or your bangs” of your hair up & back off your face, make sure there are no lumps when pulling hair back & secure hair with a barrette, pin or elastic band, then side sweep the hair that is left in the front “or your bangs” & tuck them back behind your ear, securing the ends with two criss-crossed bobby pins.

Retro Updos for women 14

Retro Updos for women 12

Retro Updos for women 15

Retro Updos for women 10

Retro Updos for women 13

Retro Updos for women 08

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Retro Updos for women 06

Retro Updos for women 09

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