Renovated Modern Ranch House in Brentwood, CA, by Rios Clementi Hale Studios

Renovated Modern Ranch House in Brentwood CA 1


This Cliff May house in Brentwood, CA, demonstrates how the ranch style and mountain environment can be beautifully integrated with contemporary practicality. The renovation was the achievement of Rios Clementi Hale Studios, whose designer says, “Our office was asked to renovate the house and landscape but also maintain the spirit of a California modern ranch house while adding present-day amenities and improving the circulation both within the house and throughout the entire site.”


Extensive use of concrete and wood convey the original California ranch style in an updated open design. Interior and exterior spaces are organized in a casual, simple arrangement, with plenty of access between the two. A skylight runs the full length of the house, flooding it with natural light, and ceiling-to-floor exposures—as well as a deck along one side of the house—assure unobstructed views of the mountain landscape and walking trail. Modern functionality is obvious in the contemporary kitchen design and fittings, located just inside the patio, and the rectilinear pool shows the charm of minimalism. Combining rectilinear furniture with plush upholstery and cushions exactly expresses the modern ranch spirit of elegant comfort, inviting residents and guests to be at leisure in this home.






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