Remarkable Modern Living Spaces by Melissa Collison

Melissa Collison is a really talented designer that succeeds in designing spaces that are totally remarkable, unique, and loved by everyone. We present you here some of her great modern designs to inspire you with her great ideas. A living room comes in bright white colors while a wall made of thin wood panels has a drawing of a tree on it which makes an amazing look, and pink drawers are added to give a feminine and sweet touch that matches with a colorful rug; this room is totally simple but really nice and comforting. A living room consists of a black L-shaped sofa and a hot red arm chair, which might sound ordinary just like many living rooms. But what made this area really different and noticeable is the splendid piece of art drawn on the wall behind the sofa; it’s the face of a pretty young lady along with some work of art drawn in a unique way, and some printed cushions were added on the black sofa to complete the colorful look.

Melissa has designed some wonderful kitchens too; one of the kitchens is totally simple and comes in white, and a lovely touch is seen through adding a yellow backsplash made of tiny ceramic tiles which enlightens the kitchen and makes it full of energy, and to complete this yellow touch, beautiful yellow flowers are present too. Another similar idea includes adding a baby blue backsplash for a soft style that reminds of the sea. A lounge area looks truly fantastic; a curved yellow sofa is present, and beautiful pendant lighting is added along with a matching rug; the overall view is amazing. A bathroom has unique wall tiles that give it a sophisticated style, and the dining set comes in dark wood for a bold style, and three amazing pendant lightings are added above it to complete a fancy look. All Melissa’s work is simple but has an intuition that makes it unique and loved.

Melissa Collison portfolio 01

Melissa Collison portfolio 02

Melissa Collison portfolio 03

Melissa Collison portfolio 04

Melissa Collison portfolio 05

Melissa Collison portfolio 06

Melissa Collison portfolio 07

Melissa Collison portfolio 08

Melissa Collison portfolio 09

Melissa Collison portfolio 10

Melissa Collison portfolio 11

Melissa Collison portfolio 12

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