Remarkable 8-Year-Old Girl Shows You How to Create a Perfect Frankie Stein Look for Halloween

Frankie Stein Halloween Look

Today we are going from yellow to green. Colors seem to be the order of the day for what we have to show you at the moment, though these colors couldn’t be more different, and not just in appearance. Where the yellow was from a turmeric-based face mask to help fight acne, the green here is to match the complexion of Frankie Stein from Monster High and the daughter of Frankenstein. Emma is utterly brilliant, and with over 660k followers to the KittiesMama YouTube channel where she is often seen, and 27 million viewers who have watched this tutorial, we know we are far from being alone in realizing just how good she is. Unlike so many stylists who try to embellish their creative abilities, Emma just tells it ‘as it is’ and we love her for that. Not only does she make everything so clear and easy to follow, but the result is just as impressive as she is.

With Halloween rapidly approaching, what better time is there than now to think about your theme for that day? Monster High is always incredibly popular with kids, and Frankie Stein is a great choice for any young girl to copy. Fortunately Emma would seem to agree with this idea and in around five minutes, with the help of a little time-lapse editing, you can discover exactly how to create a fun and memorable Frankie Stein look. This is perfect for Halloween and will have everyone green with envy at how ghoulish you look, just like Frankie. With the use of face paint this is not an expensive way to create a great look, and if you build up a selection of colors, Emma has plenty of links at the end of the video to take you to tutorials for almost all the other characters from Monster High as well.

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