Relaxing Outdoor Space of a House on Balaclava Road, Australia

Relaxing Outdoor Space 10


This year’s buzz in the Western Hemisphere is the Balaclava Road collaboration between single family home owner (and, builder) David McCallum of DDB Design and Build, and COS Design. Taking cues from DDB Design and Build’s minimalist modern architectural style, COS Design’s integration of fluidic lines in setting sculpture adds a sophisticated edge to the end result netting a rumored Master Builders Association of Victoria (MBAV) Home of the Year Award. Apparently, the name Steve Taylor (founder and president of COS Design) is Aussie for hip.

While we have never thought of a living room as a staging area, stunning door blinds have been found to be a sufficient alternative to theater curtains as the main event beckons: outdoor design. The sneak peak provided by the French door styled coverings is enough to make us wave hello to ourselves while straightening out some last minutes touches to our digs in floor-to-ceiling mirrors on the walk through.


Mastering the art of alfresco living corroborates the whispers of MBAV awards for the landscape architects as any guest would be mesmerized by its Zen-like aspects. Teak decking allows for a naturalistic impression that demands a harmonious alliance with the structure, its interior, and the surrounding greenery.



The dining area for this breed of fabulousness must match the luxury we have come to expect in Melbourne, and we are not disappointed. The eating area is embellished by modern stacking chairs evocative of the aluminum Bivaq Barcelona design at Spencer Interiors in Canada: they are as alluring as they are cozy. The color and shape remind us that we are on trend when experiencing the hospitality of this home, and we have snagged one of its exclusive invitations to delve further into a happening Australian scene.




The size and placement of the pool lends well to the area reminding us that this venue was made for recreational purpose. A couple of lanes too wide for a lap pool, a standalone geometric pool has come back into style for contemporary design lovers seeking to add drama to the outside. A feature of note is the bridge that joins together chick decking, and lush vegetation affording an opportunity to stretch the water element lengthwise.




Floor-to-ceiling exposures along the backyard facing walls grant access for any lingering voyeuristic household guests to take the occasion, and join the party.


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