Relaxing Bedroom Designs from Hulsta

Since our bedrooms are the most places where we seek comfort away from the crowds of life, then we must make sure to make them simple, practical all while being comfortable for the eyes. Hulsta, the amazing German furniture manufacturer, offers some great bedroom furniture that satisfies all needs that combine high taste, comfort, practicality, and a simple modern design. The first thing that you will notice in these pictures is that wood is the dominating material in making the different pieces of furniture used including the bed, nightstand, shelves, closet, and the chest of drawers. Wood used is oak in its light beige color degree was used to enlighten the look of the room, and accept the addition of other matching colors in the room for contrast. The design of the beds is very simple in a rectangular form with sleek sharp lines, and the headboards were made of black and white leather to add a chic look. To make the room more practical, some of the designs came as a set where the headboard of the bed had some shelves and nightstands attached to it to combine all what you need, store your books, add a lamp, or even add decorative accessories like a vase, a small statue, or a portrait. Additional shelves can be mounted on the walls above the bed for more storage as well, or to add more decoration to the room with some unique unconventional accessories like these unique wood vases.

The closets and wardrobes where designed with sleek sharp line as well taking the rectangular forms as well to be easily put in any edge of the room and to give a simple design without much details and curves. Glass was also used in the doors of the closets to add more chic and modern look when combined with wood. Since the furniture of the room is very simple and with few details, decorative accessories where used all over the room like this big plant pot put on the chest with a huge plant to reflect a relaxing green mood, Various vases, statues, lamps, a chair, and even sea shells were also used to add a unique touch to the ambiance. The look is completed using parquet flooring to complete the wooden ambiance that had a simple small rug over it under the bed in different designs like being striped, checked, or in plain solid color. You can also add some color to the bed by adding colored pillow cases with different prints. Finally if your room has a great view then you can make the closure of the balcony made of glass and add some simple curtains.

Relaxing Bedroom Furniture from Hulsta 1

Relaxing Bedroom Furniture from Hulsta 2

Relaxing Bedroom Furniture from Hulsta 3

Relaxing Bedroom Furniture from Hulsta 4

Relaxing Bedroom Furniture from Hulsta 5

Relaxing Bedroom Furniture from Hulsta 6

Relaxing Bedroom Furniture from Hulsta 7

Relaxing Bedroom Furniture from Hulsta 8

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