Refreshing Sydney Pittwater Beach Project by Peter Glass & Associates

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Located twenty-five miles north of Sidney, Pittwater is an estuary just off of Broken Bay, where a Beach project by Peter Glass & Associates tackles steep grading issues such as can be found only in a coastal home atop a hillside with fabulous ocean views. When homeowner asked for maximum pool coverage, the architectural team at Peter Glass knocked it out of the park.

Playing stunningly against the cosmopolitan beach house, the grandiose pool with its clear shimmer commands attention at the heart of the design, creating the illusion that the contemporary house is afloat.


The endless views down the length of the pool are breathtaking, and the spa spills into the main pool where infinity edges appear to join it to the ocean. The pool’s water is colored by the Italian glass mosaic tiles that line the bottom, and it is sheltered by a glass wall.



Geometric natural wood columns, resting on the eco-friendly paneled decking, represent the home’s close yet contemporary connection to its environment. With deep hues, the structure showcases the vibrancy of the surrounding greenery.


This inviting, sequestered seating area provides additional space for backyard entertaining consistent with the relaxing comfort of the place. It is remarkable that the dark paneled ceiling and the heavy columns anchored to the red-tiled floor together cannot suppress the illusion of floating conferred by the distant view through the treetops.


The glass wall surrounding the pool permits an unobstructed view from inside the house.



Forested areas common to the cliff top locale form a natural privacy barrier without interfering with the bay view.

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