Reese Witherspoon New Blonde Hair Color 2013

Reese Witherspoon New Blonde Hair Color for 2013 2

Reese-Witherspoon- New-Blonde-Hair- Color-for-2013_1

Well… It seems that spending only a few weeks in the dark side was long enough for Witherspoon to get bored!! What does this mean?! Our precious readers, are you serious?! I mean, don’t you really know what I’m talking about?! Okay.. Take a couple of seconds and think about it! Huh? Exactly! The actress Reese Witherspoon is back to the bright side, I mean, to the blonde hair color!

Yes, yes, yeees, ladies, Reese totally ditched the brunette locks which she has gone for since last April for blond ones. You were waiting for this color switch-up, weren’t you?!! Definitely you were, or maybe I am the only one who was waiting for it. Anyway, the “Mud” actress revealed her newly dyed hair at her son’s soccer game in Brentwood, on May 11.

That’s it, Stylishevers, we are done! So tell us: Do you think that Witherspoon is going to update her 2013’s lookbook for the third time sooner?!! Wait, this isn’t the right question to be asked.. It should be: Have you already missed the star’s brown tresses or not?!

Reese-Witherspoon- New-Blonde-Hair- Color-for-2013_2

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