Reese Witherspoon Debuts a New Bob Haircut!!

Reese Witherspoon Debuts a New Bob Haircut 01


And here’s the last celebrity to join both the “short hair, don’t care” and “a new film, a new do” clubs! Who is he or she? Actually it’s she, and she is Reese Witherspoon.. Yep! The Legally Blonde actress has taken the plunge and traded her shoulder length locks for a .. A Pixie? Ahem.. No, dears, she hasn’t gone that far.. Reese has just chopped off an inch or maybe two of her hair to turn it into a shorter, asymmetric bob cut which looks so stylish…


Witherspoon was spotted wearing her newly cut tresses while out & about in Santa Monica, California on Saturday, Dec. 1. According to the Daily Mail UK, the gorgeous star has debuted this bob hairstyle for her role in the new film, “The Wild”, which is based on the book by Nick Hornby.. Now, I can tell you goodbyes! Yeah, Stylisheves, we finished! So start telling us: What do you think of Reese’s new cut? Do you think it’s hot or not?

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