Ray-Ban RB3386 Sunglasses

Ray Ban RB3386 Sunglasses post

Ray Ban aviators have always been one of the favorite sunglasses for many people for a very long time; they have always kept their place in the fashion lines every year and are still the best sunglasses for many people. If you are an aviator lover but want to feel some difference in the look of your sunglasses then you can definitely try one of those RB3386 sunglasses. Ray Ban introduced RB3386 model that has the nearly the same features as the timeless aviators while having their lenses more round with a contoured style of the famous tear drop shape of the aviators. RB3386 with its round lenses ensure full coverage for both eyes with maximum protection, they give a retro style for sunglasses but they can be considered casual and sporty so that they are perfect to use anytime. RB3386 is available in metal thin frames that are available in different colors like the aviators while having plastic temples with different colors and patterns, and they are also available with different lens color tints so that you can choose according to your preference. You can find lens tints like brown, grey, green, gray-green or brown. RB3386 is also available in polarized lenses to reduce glare for a sharper view and extra sun protection. Ray Ban logo is available on the lenses and on the plastic temples of all sunglasses.

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