Ray-Ban RB3293 Sunglasses

Ray Ban RB3293 Sunglasses post

Ray Ban is introducing sunglasses that resemble the famous aviators but with a modification in the lenses, RB3293 have more round lenses than the tear drop style of the aviators. This modification made RB3293 have a more modern appeal, and they also look great on almost all faces and are suitable for both men and women. RB3293 will give you a more fashionable appeal, with their wrapped fitting frames that adjust to the curve of your face in a comfort way. RB3293 are all made with thin metal frames just like the aviators, giving a sleek timeless attitude that is always remaining as the favorite style of sunglasses, they are available in different colors like black, gunmetal, gold or silver. RB3293 are also available with different lens color tints like brown, grey-green, brown gradient violet that gives a totally modern chic appeal when worn and especially when matched with your clothes. Ray Ban logo is found on the lenses and the thin temples of all RB3293 sunglasses.

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