Rachel McAdams New Hair Color 2013

Rachel McAdams New Hair Color 2013

It is fabulous!! Just fabulous?! Honestly no, it is much more than that; it is stunning, sassy and so sexy! What am I talking about?! Ladies and gents, I’m talking about the new hair makeover done recently by the superstar Rachel McAdams…. Yes, she has done exactly the same as the other female stars like Coco Rocha, Dakota Fanning, and Jennifer Lawrence, and updated her 2013’s lookbook!! Shocking, isn’t it?! Of course, it is! But aren’t you curious to know what this makeover is?! Yup! If so, leave your shock aside and focus with me!

McAdams has ditched her spectacular long blonde locks for………. What? No! not for shorter ones. My precious readers, the beautiful actress hasn’t got her long hair shortened at all; instead, she’s dyed it red….. Yes, beauties! You’ve read it right!! Why & when has she done that?! Okay…. Concerning why, the “Mean Girls” star has gone for this oh-so-hot hair color because of her mother! No, I’m not kidding! Rachel said that her mother is naturally redheaded; so she thought that it would be fun, if she pulled it off…….

On the other hand, concerning when, the beauty showed off her new hair dye a few days ago, while she was out and about.. That’s it, our dear fans, we’re done! Yes, we are!! Just don’t forget to tell us: Do you think that Rachel’s red hair is hot or not?!

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