Purminerals Pur Balm Cream For Dry Skin Treatment

Purminerals Pur Balm

If you have a dry skin or dry damaged hair, specially in winter when we all have a dry skin, then start using this new Purminerals Pur Balm. The new Purminerals Pur Balm is very rich in vitamins, anti-oxidants and Shea butter than will leave your skin moisturized, protected and smooth.it will cover your body with a protective layer and leave it moist and soft. Apply Pur Balm on dry knees, elbows,heels or even dry lips to stop the dryness and cracks right away. It can also be used on the hair if it is dry or damaged to control split ends. Also if you have week nails that bother you all the times and are prone to be broken easily, you can apply Purminerals Pur Balm in your nails to protect them. This Pur Balm comes in a 5 oz. container so you can take it with you anywhere and keep your skin protected all the time.

Purminerals Pur Balm 2

Purminerals Pur Balm 1

Purminerals Pur Balm 3

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