Pronovias Manuel Mota 2013 Wedding Dresses Collection

Pronovias Manuel Mota 2013 Wedding Dresses Collection

The single most important piece of clothing you will ever buy is your wedding dress. So it is well worth putting time and effort into finding the perfect gown. Sometimes it can take many bridal stores and just as many fittings to finally find THE dress. With the Pronovias’ 2013 Manuel Mota collection, there are so many options; there is just no way you are walking out of the store without the perfect dress for you.

Pronovias is known for their classic and slightly more conservative designs, hence the skin-revealing dresses are rather limited. There are only three strapless bustier gowns of which two are shown with a lace bolero covering the arms. These two feature a heart shaped bustier, while the third bustier has a straight neckline. There is however one oddity in the collection revealing more skin than what is usually expected from Pronovias: a short, knee-length dress. Totally untraditional and let’s be honest, totally ‘un-Pronovias’ too but it does look cute!

There are three dresses which cover most of your body since they have three-quarter length sleeves and one of them even has a high collar. To compensate for the collar, the design does feature a leg revealing slit. To prevent these dresses from getting too bulky, they are executed in light, flowy fabrics like lace and tulle. Pronovias’ most revolutionary dresses are the one-shoulder models. Only two of them are available in this collection, one of them is reminiscent of a Greek goddess while the other seems to be inspired by the so called garçonne look from the twenties. A new element in this collection compared to others, is that there are some off-the-shoulder dresses available too. They all have three-quarter length sleeves and are perfect to show off your long neck, elegant shoulders and flawless skin. Fitted at the waist and with an A-line skirt, they look like something a princess would wear.

The style that is most common in Pronovias’ 2013 Manuel Mota collection is the high-neck dress. This type of dress usually features bare arms, but could also come with lace cap sleeves. The base of the dress seems to be a strapless bustier gown to which an extra piece of fabric has been delicately added, covering the area from the bustier up to the neck. When made out of lace or a sheer type of fabric, this extra piece of fabric allows some skin to be seen through its mazes. This style is particularly good looking on tall women and does require an elegant updo, so your hair does not cover the true eye catcher of the dress.





















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