Pretty & Practical 26 Square Meter Interior Designing

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This is a brilliant studio interior designing that shows you how practical furniture & smart ideas can turn a tiny space into a comfortable place for living. This only 26 m² interior was decorated & furnished in a very intelligent way which made of it a nice & stylish mini apartment. The living area is designed to serve as a living & dining room at the same time although its tiny space; it looks so comfortable & inviting with its soft & refreshing colors yet it’s so practical thanks to the central table located in front of this cozy sofa. This beautiful glass table is one of the smart furniture that serves in multi-functions; the table has a modular position system that allows you to change its height according to your need. It will serve as a regular coffee table most of the time, but when needed as a dining table it will do it easily. Placed at the end of the sofa, a high cupboard lacquered wood cupboard creates a separation between the kitchen and sitting area. It integrates the oven, hides the fridge as well as a large drawer at the bottom. The rest of the kitchen cabinets are placed along the wall to take a minimum of space. The high storage is hosting the hood and the spots, the lower ones hide the machines. The induction stove and double sink are embedded in a Corian worktop. The simply decorated bedroom looks so comfortable & natural. A small bathroom is separated by a door from the bedroom; very small but enough & practical with two shelves placed in an angle position which allowed to install the washbasin and an additional storage place without overloading this tiny space. The wardrobe was installed as an extension of the bathroom; its door is equipped with shelves to double the storage space. A long white sideboard serves as both a console and storage.

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