Precious Baby-Bathing Moments [Video]

Precious Baby Bathing Moments

Over the past month we have run a number of posts about bathing babies. Originally it started with a post about Sonia Rochel and her Thalasso baby bathing technique. We followed this with another post and video of Sonia bathing newborn twins using the same technique. Then last week we posted a video and article about how to correctly bath your baby. Well with a combined total of nearly a quarter of a million ‘likes’, we have come to the conclusion that you really do love to watch babies being bathed. Well why not. After all it is a wonderful time when these babies, especially newborns, are almost reacquainted with the same feeling they would have had when safely tucked up in the womb. It is so remarkable watching how these frail and delicate babies instantly relax and tune in to the warmth and wetness of their immediate environment.

We marvelled at how the young babies responded to Sonia’s delicate and intuitive touch. We were almost mesmerized at how the babies seemed to ‘tell’ her what they wanted to happen rather than the other way round. We were certainly impressed with the way this Thalasso bathing technique appeared to work. And then we moved along a more conventional path with a baby nurse from the Epworth Healthcare organization showing us the ‘proper’ way to bath a baby, and in a way many of us may not have thought of. No baby is ever born with its own instruction manual, and ere is no exact science to bringing up a baby. However one thing we have discovered on Stylish Eve is that you mums are always happy to read a post that might help you along the bumpy but wonderful path called motherhood.

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