Practical Streatfield Project by Peter Glass & Associates


The eastern suburb of Sydney houses the Streatfield project constructed by Peter Glass & Associates. Recognized for their ability to design around steep gradients, their work on this project is not only commendable, but practical and the once dainty space provides the illusion of space to make the backyard more enjoyable. Surrounded by an Australian tropical landscape, the traditional rectilinear shaped water feature has a refreshing quality that is equally effective in both the summer and winter months. Clear lines offset by the lushness of the vegetation makes for an interesting design.



Highlighted by the lack of natural light, the book leaf limestone inset at the back of the pool feature is lit up by illuminated flush-mounted stainless steel lighting. The classic air created by this design is both elegant and sophisticated.


A Zen effect is achieved with this limestone feature as the constant waterfall trickles from top to bottom in a lulling way and an adjustable flow pump gives the homeowner control of the rate of flow, from trickle to torrent.



A dazzling sapphire blue color is achieved by a blend of Italian glass mosaic tiles voraciously placed in the interior of the pool and spa areas. Sandstone is used for the pool surround to handle the salt water of the pool and where swim out ledges are provided to ensure safety. A spillway from the spa area into the pool allows for a constant water flow, while at the base of the cascade is a shallow underwater lounging area.


Stainless steel railings outline the deck area, which overlooks a virtual tropical paradise and where exotic plants are used to complete the image.


An al fresco space is used to bring the inside out, and the outside in for maximum enjoyment. Lacquered wood panel flooring is a nice contrast to the sandstone used in the outer areas, while collapsing patio doors remove any obstacles to viewing the design in its entirety.

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