Practical Storage Solutions for Bedrooms

In order to store all your stuff in your bedroom without making it look cluttered and in a mess; we present you those 5 practical ways for maximum storage and a minimum of space occupied to keep on the bedroom’s clean & calm look. In the bedroom, wall shelves are very useful; instead of occupying the precious space on the floor to arrange books, jewelry and this kind of stuff, we use the wall for more practicality. An also good idea is to place a metallic bar on the wall shelf to avoid the falling of accessories & objects. Women love to save their jewelries & precious accessories in a safe yet close place. To obtain that, here’s a thought; you can create a vertical wall closet with a door beside the dressing table, this way you will save space and keep your accessories in hand, and using a pretty curtain where you can hide this closet if you want for safety reasons. The decorative chest is one of the traditional bedroom accessories but still fashionable and very practical; it can accommodate all bed linen and blankets while giving the bedroom a classy look. Try also to choose functional furniture as possible; like beds with practical shelves on the sides or removable furniture on wheels to optimize the space.

Smart Storage Ideas for Bedrooms 1

Smart Storage Ideas for Bedrooms 2

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Smart Storage Ideas for Bedrooms 5

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