Practical Shelves to Decorate Your Walls

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For more smart storage, we need to also use the wall surface. To do this, go for those practical & decorative shelves that allow you to store some books and decorative accessories at the same time. Here are five shelves that will beautify your wall. The traditional shelf that doesn’t appear any attachments has another level of quality now since it contains an invisible drawer, so you can discreetly store a notepad or an agenda to have it always at hand. To change from the ordinary straight shelves with very simple lines, Fly offers an original shelf with borders that fall to the ends. This is not only giving a very original design but it’s also practical so that your books do not fall. They are also available in 11 colors! If you want to add a very classic look to your interior, choose a shelf with a cornice. The shelf then seems to be a molding that forms part of the wall. To enhance the shelf, we choose a very elegant black color. For a natural yet recycling spirit, choose a wooden shelf suspended by metal hooks. The combination of wood and metal will be ideal for an industrial-style decoration. You can install this shelf in the kitchen for a couple of utensils or in the entry as storage pockets. Finally, if you want to store a maximum of stuffs in your shelves, go for open racks that attach to the wall. You can then store these small compartments of books, jars of pencils or even baby diapers without the risk of falling.

Practical Shelves to Decorate your Walls 1

Practical Shelves to Decorate your Walls 2

Practical Shelves to Decorate your Walls 3

Practical Shelves to Decorate your Walls 4

Practical Shelves to Decorate your Walls 5

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