Practical & Decorative Worktops for Kitchens

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In the kitchen, the worktop plays an important role; not just it must be practical for food preparation, but must also be decorative as it will set the tone of the whole kitchen. To help you choose your worktop, here are 5 styles to discover with images. To bring a very modern look to the kitchen, you can opt for a stainless steel worktop. With its design lines and bright reflections, it’s the best for a functional yet very aesthetic kitchen. If you are more traditional, why don’t you choose a wooden worktop? Indeed, wood is back in the kitchen for a style that is both natural and authentic. In this case choose the wood vein in a good thickness to be more practical & solid. For a more daring style, you can choose a lacquered worktop that will add shine and brightness to the kitchen. For a touch of elegancy, go for a black one; as bright as a mirror. The laminate worktop is probably the most common as it has a contemporary look and adapts to all modern kitchens. It allows customization because it is available in multiple colors while being practical to use. Finally, if you need a bigger worktop, you can add to your surface an additional removable part; where there are drawers containing a worktop to be drawn as needed.

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