Practical Bunk Beds for Kids room

Because children love dreams where they touch the stars flying in their sleep, we offer them a bunk bed to enjoy their happy dreams. A practical & beautiful idea; these beds are sure to attract both parents and children. The classic solution to sleep in height is to opt for a mezzanine bed. This system won’t only save space in the kids’ room but it will also bring a real sense of intimacy thanks to the bed that becomes a cabin. If you don’t prefer a high sleeping for your child, know that there are also beds at half height that make the child feel safe. Under the bed there is placed usually a small office or storage space, which is very handy when you have a lack of space. Even if the bed is not very high, your child will enjoy having to climb the ladder to go to bed, as a little sanctuary where parents could not come. Under the bed, you can create a small cabin where your child will invent stories. Know that the underside of a raised bed is ideal for storage. If you add shelves and cupboards you will transform the bed module into a practical whole child room that is both functional and decorative. If your children are sharing the same room, you can opt for a bunk bed. And to make the child who sleeps in the bottom bed feels also in height, choose a model in which the bed is raised by placing storage units at the base; both beds will then be in height.

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