A Pool with an Avant-Garde Wall Waterfall in Surrey Hills by Serenity Pools

A pool with an Avant Garde Wall Waterfall in Surrey Hills by Serenity Pools 1

A-pool-with-an-Avant-Garde-Wall-Waterfall-in-Surrey-Hills-by-Serenity-Pools_ 1

Known for creativity and functionality in backyard pool design, Serenity Pools (based in Melbourne) uses the natural color of multiple materials and texture to layout fascinating outdoor areas such as this one in Surrey Hills. Harnessing as much solar lighting as possible, the design team strategically places accent lighting from end to end.

The Alice blue hue of the water works pleasantly with the exterior paint on the house, and maple colored decking celebrates the uniform columns near the outside bar and entertaining space. A beautiful silver toned tribal disc sculpture is complimented by the surrounding exotic plants.


Serenity Pools pulled out all the tricks in their landscaping bag when they added slate veneers to the partial wall next to the pool, and the avant-garde slate textured waterfall wall. The invisible setting on the glass wall dividing the pool from the house is embellished with silver toned connectors that act as both a design feature and safety barrier for the transparent border.



Off to the left of the sunning station, there appears a street entry to the courtyard which is convenient when entertaining: when guests have finished their swim, the practicality of allowing them to exit to the street rather than through a carpeted home is considerable.

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