Playroom of HGTV Dream Home

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The gathering space of any house really aids in making it feel cozy and inviting. Rule number one in this place is that, wherever possible, it should be totally fun to stay in, so that you would feel that almost everything that comes to your mind is available. For a perfect house, the gathering space will definitely include all what you want, and maybe more. For HGTV Dream Home 2013, one of the gathering spaces is the playroom of the house, and today we’re going to explore this playroom to see how amazing it looks. The pictures are detailed enough to let you see whatever you want clearly. This is not just a living room or an ordinary lounge space, it’s a room where you can sit, take a nap, play Ping-Pong, and watch TV – Oh! What a place!!

All of the previously stated activities might sound usual, except for taking a nap which might be a little odd!! Now in this totally perfect design, thanks to the installed platform beds at the two sides of the room that are moored to the ceiling and include a mattress and bolster pillows for maximum comfort. In addition, between the platform beds, you will find wicker pieces of furniture that make the whole place inviting and enjoyable. Everything aids in turning the whole place into a real playroom, from the flooring to the grommet curtains and the colors of the walls. Check out the whole design and get inspired!!

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