Playful Rugs for Kids

Playful Rugs for Kids

In kids’ bedrooms, why opt for a simple plain rug when we can please our children with cute rug designs in funny & childish motifs? At kids’ furniture stores, rugs & carpets for kids’ rooms are available in an endless variety of shapes, patterns and colors. Satisfy your child’s desire for fun & colors while adding to his room an adorable decorative touch. For more inspiration, here is a selection of the most attractive rug designs for kids’ bedrooms. Your child has a passion for puzzles? Give him a carpet that takes the form of a puzzle piece. Know that this type of carpet works well alone, but you can also combine many pieces with each other to create a unique decor. A polka dot rug is always amazing! Soft and colorful, this rug will please children with its playful look & tender texture. You will find many color combinations to match with all kids’ room decorations. If your young explorer dreams of a room décor with a safari theme, a carpet that takes the form of a lion should please him. Recalling animal skins in a playful way, this carpet would rather be a playmate than a trophy hunt!

Romantic young girls will choose a round rug design to evoke softness and will focus on very soft colors like pastel pink and green lilac. Side patterns, stars and butterflies recall the charming world of their dreams. To evoke the farm world in the kids’ room, rugs take the forms of chickens & hens—in funny shapes that are very colorful, they will amaze your kids. For boys who only think of the cars that they will drive later, we can already offer them a nice car—rug! Cars are one of very popular motifs for boys: a car rug is absolutely an excellent choice to set the tone of the room. For young charming ladies, the focus is on a subtle flower rug model that abolishes the traditional flower forms in favor of cuter designs that take the contours of the petals to give an original shape and an irresistible girlish ambience.



















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