Pixie Geldof New Haircut 2012

Pixie Geldof New Haircut 2012

Our precious readers, how are you?! What do you think of the short cropped bob cut that the star Pixie Geldof has been wearing till the past few days? I know that some of you will say that they’re its biggest fans while some others will say the opposite thing. But haven’t you noticed anything while reading the last asked question? Nope? Okay, read it again then answer me or even tell me what you’ve figured out! Yes, pretties, the British singer has cut her short brunette bobbed hair locks. You need to know that she’s done exactly the same as Rihanna and other stars and updated her 2012 lookbook with a boyish pixie haircut.

Till this moment, you’ve known what sort of short, or let’s say shorter, hairstyle the star has debuted and when she’s done that. This means that the only thing left for us to say is that Geldof has revealed this new ‘do by posting a picture on her Twitter account. Let me tell you that she was also seen debuting it after a day or maybe during a denim photo shoot in Miami. That’s it, our dear fans! Now, I can say that we’re waiting for you to tell us: Do you love or loathe Pixie’s pixie?!





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