Piper Perabo Goes Brunette!

Piper Perabo Goes Brunette 1


Her role in Covert Affairs has taken her to the dark side. Who? Who’s been taken? Surely, you can guess! Well, okay… All right! I’m going to say it myself, then, painful though it is. I’m talking about fair Piper Perabo. That is, formerly fair Piper. The 36-year-old actress has relinquished the blond trademark she’s been rocking since 2000. Piper was spotted in brunette on the Toronto set of her USA Network series on August 6. A few days later, on August 14, she showed it off on the red carpet at a Hollywood Foreign Press Association event. At least, I think I saw her there! She didn’t look like herself at all. If you don’t believe me, look at these pictures and judge for yourself.


Why has Ms. Perabo taken on this dramatic transformation? Duh! I believe I may have mentioned that it was for her role in her series? Did you think I was making it up? Here’s how she explained it to People magazine: “It happened because of what happens in the show … She changes and so I just had to, like, suck it up and buy some new lipstick and get on with it!” Now, tell us, Stylisheves… Do you think Piper’s new darkness is going to be among the hottest celeb hair trips of 2013 or not?

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