Pink Hairstyle Ideas

Pink Hairstyles

Today, I’ve decided to talk about the hairstyles of one of the most creative, wowing, fun, hot and sexy American singers, Can you guess who she is??!!..  You can’t!!, then she is “Pink”… Pink is one of the most famous American celebrity with her sweet voice beside having a great shocking and high attitude look!. Pink is one of the stars or of the women who can make her hair obeying her in anything she wants.. Pink has made the whole world thinking that she’s using her hair like she’s using her guitar or microphone!!..  You can see that by yourself from her picture or from her appearance on any red carpet, on the stage or in any event. You can see that her hairstyles have been very easy, hot, simple but never been predictable!!… So, let’s talk about Pink’s hair from all the different aspects; the cuts, the colors and finally the styles… Let’s talk about Pink hair colors first, as they’re really amazing, unpredictable and too hot…  Pink’s hair has taken every possible and impossible colors.. Sometimes you may see her hair; black, blonde, brunette or red!!.. While in some other times it can be pink, purple, fuchsia, grey or greyish blonde!!… See, I’ve told you so hot and unpredictable colors…  I think those unpredictable colors have proven to the whole world that Pink is a woman with an attitude and special charisma, none can compete with her when it comes to the hair!!… Okay, what about the haircuts??!!.. Once, Pink’s hair has been long and then Pink has taken it into the shorter, short and very shot areas!!.. I think her hair hasn’t returned from those three areas and maybe it won’t ever return!!!… Pink has worn different hairstyles which can’t be described in few words. You can describe them by hot, fun, fantasia, sexy, messy, sassy, boyish but feminine and glamorous hairstyles.. There are many other words to describe them!!.. For the long haircut, Pink has worn the long blunt bob hairstyle, the straight hairstyles and the nice wavy hairstyles… For sure, she has worn them in some wild, gothic and bold way.. For the shorter, the short & very short haircuts, Pink has worn the curly bob hairstyles, the angled bob hairstyles, the slicked back hairstyles, the faux-hawk hairstyles, the pixie-cut hairstyles, the undercut hairstyles, the razor cut hairstyles and the choppy hairstyles.. Pink has worn all the last hairstyles in very different and diverse hot ways.Now, we’re done with Pink’s hair and its styles and I think there’s nothing more to say, isn’t it??!!..No, there’s!. If you see in yourself that you’re a girl or a woman of attitude like Pink, then you can imitate her hairstyles… If you do so, then I can’t say anything to you except “Rock & Wow with your Pink imitated hairstyle!!”

Pink Hairstyles 01

Pink Hairstyles 02

Pink Hairstyles 03

Pink Hairstyles 04

Pink Hairstyles 05

Pink Hairstyles 06

Pink Hairstyles 07

Pink Hairstyles 08

Pink Hairstyles 09

Pink Hairstyles 10

Pink Hairstyles 11

Pink Hairstyles 12

Pink Hairstyles 13

Pink Hairstyles 14

Pink Hairstyles 15

Pink Hairstyles 16

Pink Hairstyles 17

Pink Hairstyles 18

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